Identità Cosmetics!
Italian name. French soul. Brazilian joy.


The answer to this question began in 2009 on a trip through southern France when I was captivated by the invigorating smells and mesmerizing colors of the Mediterranean, thus inspiring the creation of a sophisticated line of cosmetics and home and body products.

Merely having these ideas was not enough, my next step was to transform them into something unique.

Many hours were dedicated towards studying fragrances, logo, packaging, and researching the market.

Every detail was a meticulous thought, all aspects needed to be perfect.

Identità Cosmetics!
A mixture of history and personality.

By Celia Coltro

We developed an exclusive glass bottle for our line of diffusers, fragrance sprays, liquid soaps, and body lotions.




All of our products are made from exclusive and imported essences.

The colors of the home products combine with the fragrances to harmonize every moment.

The body line turns every movement into an indescribable sensory experience.

Success! Nine years of happy and satisfied customers, allowing Identità to share and partake in so many special moments.

Allow us to enchant, instigate, seduce, and elevate your spaces. We invite you to celebrate our new 2018 line.